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Our Story

Born and raised in Rochester New York, Wellta Boualaphanh graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in 2010. She saw beyond the small town she grew up in and had a passion for fashion at an early age. Inspired by her grandmother, fabrics from Laos, and flipping through fashion magazines. She started sewing at the age of ten and moved to New York City to pursue a career in Fashion.

She has worked in the Fashion Industry with Weatherproof, Best & Co. by Susie Hilfiger, and interned for Tory Burch. Specialized in Women's and Children's wear. In 2019, launched her new Apron collection under her name WELLTA. A new modern take on the classic Apron that is a unisex style for both Women and Men. In addition, introducing the Works a specialized Apron with a removable leather harness suitable for your everyday kitchen essential or industry needs.

In addition, her mission is to Make a difference one stitch at a time! The Apron Project is to help underserved communities throughout the nation with handcrafted medical grade Face Masks that are in need during the pandemic due to the shortage of PPE in hopes to inspire and uplift others.  

WELLTA has curated a capsule collection of handcrafted Aprons that are durable, lightweight, water resistant, and reversible. A modern take on the classic Apron made for any occasion. Uniquely lined with a variety of cotton bold prints that features a removable leather harness or an adjustable neck and waist strap. Made in USA, this style can be customized to your needs from personalized logo at chest, your name, to custom pockets. Handcrafted with you in mind.